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Research Report: Size is not the Answer: The Changing Face of the Global City
Date August 2014
Author Joel Kotkin, Wendell Cox, Ali Modarres and Aaron M. Renn
Topic Social Policy; Economics; Governance; Public Administration; Leadership and Management

As the world urbanises and more megacities are created, some smaller, focused urban regions are becoming truly critical global hubs, unlike most larger cities, which are simply tied to their national economies. In a new ranking of global cities, CSC Senior Visiting Fellow Joel Kotkin argues that the truly global city is one that is uniquely situated to navigate the global transition to an information-based economy since it is the influence of industries such as media, culture or technology that will determine economic power in future.

Kotkin also examines the fundamental challenge faced by cities as they achieve global status: the need to balance two identities, a global and a local one. "The world beckons, and must be accommodated, but a city must be more than a fancy theme park, or a collection of elite headquarters and expensive residential towers", he asserts.

Keywords: Urbanisation; Megacities; Global hubs; Global transition; Information-based economies.


This publication is available for download here.​​

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